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Internet Findings of the Week for November 1, 2015

This week I have become addicted to an awesome newsletter, I was inspired by a child with a rare condition, and I have been trying to live like an astronaut on earth.

Newsletter of the Week


Image via Lennyletter.com

Image via Lennyletter.com

Lenny is my new favorite email newsletter.

It is the newsletter of Lena Dunham and “Girls” producer Jenni Konner. I have only read three issues of it so far, but with each issue I am excited, and overwhelmed at how perfectly they select exactly the sort of topics I want to read about right now. The articles range from outrageously funny, to serious and important women’s issues. I was totally fascinated by an article about selling human eggs, and amused, yet a little put off by the vajacial article. They also have articles about the most inspirational women like Dr. Jill McCabe and Jennifer Lawrence. Writing for this newsletter is my new dream job.

I’ve really caught on to the American obsession with email newsletters. At first I thought it would be annoying having newsletters clogging up my email account. But living in NYC where there is no cell coverage in the subway, it is a blessing to have something already downloaded that I can read offline. Other good newsletters include theSkimm and The Lightning Notes.

Story of the Week

The Girl With Her Heart Outside Her Chest

This is a moving story about a little girl who is living and loving her life, despite having her heart sticking out of her chest. It is visually shocking to watch, but so uplifting to see the little girl’s attitude and positivity towards her situation. She and her mother moved to the US from Russia last year so she could get treatment. Her condition is called the Pentalogy of Cantrell and means she has no diaphragm and no abdominal muscles. She has kidney and bladder problems, and is susceptible to illness in cold weather – part of the reason she and her mother are currently living in Florida. A crowdfunding page is raising money for her treatment.

eBook of the Week

An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth by Chris Hadfield

Who would have guessed how much you can learn from an astronaut? I have been fascinated by the ISS since astronaut Chris Hadfield first started tweeting from there in late 2012. He also made brilliant YouTube videos about his experience. Since he returned to Earth in 2013, I’ve been following his progress and was so eager to read his book when it came out. It really is a brilliant book, full of hilarious anecdotes and easy-to-understand science. I am absolutely amazed at the enormous amount of preparation that goes into a space flight. I mean, I assumed there would be a huge amount to learn, but I didn’t realize the astronauts and their coworkers would actually physically act out every possible thing that could go wrong before their trip to the ISS. One of the biggest takeaways from the book is that you can never be too prepared for something. And the more prepared you are, the less fear you have. Chris talks about how people often ask him if he is scared about going into space. But he says not really, because he is prepared for a myriad of possible things that could go wrong and trusts that he and his fellow astronauts and cosmonauts will be able to respond accordingly.