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Internet Findings of the Week for August 14, 2015

This week I was interested in the future of video-orientation, how hand-clapping games are still popular around the world, plus how fashion is becoming more accepting of all shapes, sizes, genders and beliefs.

Article of the Week

Are Vertical Videos the New Frontier of Small Screen Viewing?

Vertical video picture

It often frustrates me when I see people filming things with their smartphones in portrait. I want to say to them (and often do), “think about how that is going to play on your widescreen television”. Having worked in a newsroom where we were broadcasting to landscape-oriented televisions and computer screens around the country, it was always annoying when viewers sent in portrait-oriented videos of events they had witnessed. When they play on a landscape TV screen, you have to either have big black squares either side of the video, or weird echoed images from the video. Both look bad. But what if you were making videos for people who only wanted to watch the videos in portrait? This article points out that many smartphone users can’t be bothered turning their phone to landscape just to watch a video. It talks about how Snapchat videos are usually always filmed in vertical orientation. Perhaps people will one day start turning their TVs to vertical/portrait orientation so they can watch videos filmed in portrait?

Video of the Week

Let’s Get The Rhythm

I absolutely loved hand-clapping games as a child. “My boyfriend gave me an apple, my boyfriend gave me a pear, my boyfriend gave me a kiss on the lips…” are lyrics I clearly remember singing while clapping with a friend. Now a documentary has been made about how these hand-clapping games are still popular around the world, and strangely the same tunes are being sung in Ghana as they are in the USA. The documentary looks at the importance of music in bringing people together and bonding with peers. Hand-clapping games have been passed down through children for hundreds of years, and I hope they continue to be passed on, without being overtaken by smartphones or other technology.

Theme of the Week

Fashion Becoming More Versatile

I love how fashion is becoming more accepting of people of different, shapes, sizes, genders and religions. Mic.com has been covering some extremely interesting stories recently. Having lived in Dubai, I have often wondered about the fashion of Muslim women, and what clothes they are hiding under their long black abayas. Now slightly more liberal Muslim women are stepping into the fashion spotlight and wearing colorful and interesting, yet still long and modest, outfits, and posting pictures of themselves on Instagram (see  below). I think it’s brilliant that people can still express themselves through clothing, even with the restrictions of their religion. I also wrote about Hasidic fashion in a previous blog post. The other article I found compelling, is about how clothing is trending towards genderlessness. More and more clothing is being made that could be worn by a man or a woman, or a person who doesn’t want to define their gender. I’m seeing stores selling similar clothing in the mens and womens sections, and other stores which are not even defining their clothing by gender. My husband and I recently bought the exact same Nike trainers, mine in a women’s size and his in a men’s size. But they are exactly the same design. I like that people no longer have to be confined to the clothes society used to expect men and women to wear.